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Princess Pasties

Reusable Nipple Covers - Hypoallergenic Adhesive Silicone Nipple Coverings with Travel Box

Reusable Nipple Covers - Hypoallergenic Adhesive Silicone Nipple Coverings with Travel Box

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  • What's Included: One pair of reusable adhesive silicone nipple covers in a chic pink travel box.
  • Luxurious Comfort: We use medical-grade silicone for a regal experience of unmatched comfort and quality. Princess Pasties blend seamlessly into skin for undetectable coverage.
  • Secure All-Day Adhesion: Our strong, hypoallergenic adhesive ensures hours of worry-free wear, letting you take on the day with confidence.
  • Perfect Shades: Available in 4 skin tones, Princess Pasties celebrates the uniqueness of all princesses with a seamless blend of color.
  • All Cups, All Royalty: From A to D+, every cup size is treated like royalty.
  • Wear, Wash, Repeat: Wear, wash, and reuse your Princess Pasties for up to 30 wears.


Once upon a time, there was a princess who faced a fashion foe as old as time – visible bra straps, pesky corsets, and the occasional nip slip. Until one day, her fairy godmother arrived with a magical solution: pasties fit for royalty.

Now, she’s sharing them with you.

You deserve to feel like royalty every step of the way, from your tiara all the way down to your toes - even in those oh-so-intimate places.

That’s why Princess Pasties offer your nipples the royal treatment when it comes to coverage. That strapless gown you’ve been eyeing up for the ball…no sweat, we’ve got you (and your nips) covered.

With Princess Pasties, it's not just about coverage – it's about comfort.

Each set is crafted from medical-grade silicone and backed with hypoallergenic adhesive to keep you protected from chafing, itchiness, and slips all day long. And with a variety of skin tones and shades available, they blend seamlessly, offering you the high-quality, discreet coverage a modern-day princess desires.

How to Wear

Step 1: Clean skin to ensure the surface is dry and free of oils

Step 2: Remove tray and peel sheet off. Do NOT dispose of these

Step 3: Center the pasties and press for 5 seconds to adhere to the skin and remove excess air

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  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple covers in pink travel box

    Signature Pink Travel Box Included

  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple covers in color Cream

    Reusable, Waterproof, Sweatproof

  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple cover showcasing strong adhesive

    Strong, Hypoallergenic Adhesive

  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple cover showcasing premium silicone

    Medical-Grade, Matte Finish Silicone

Real Women. Real Results. Real Confidence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Forty Spice
Nearly perfect, works as promised

I love that these come in multiple shades and sizes. They work exactly as promised, staying put all day comfortably and disappearing under clothes. The adhesive also doesn't leave behind a rash. However, they. Are. Sticky! They sort of have to be but I tend to wear them only when I have absolutely no other solution to turn to. Maybe I'll try putting some plastic wrap in the center to alleviate so much nipple pulling, as they really are a great wardrobe solution.


These are fantastic. I am through menopause and clothing, especially anything constricting is very uncomfortable on my skin. I also have fibro so bras can be very uncomfortable. These have stayed on very well and the color matches my skin well. I haven't been able to see the outline in anything I have tried so far. I am looking forward to wearing them this summer with tank tops and sundresses. I am not well endowed, which has helped me in terms of not sagging yet, so I will take advantage of my perkiness while I can. Two thumbs up on this product.

Jillian Friedman
Life changing for my 34DDs... for real

I have ordered silicone nipple covers from amazon before and they were a disaster so I was skeptical that these could work for me. As a 34DD the nipple covers I've tried before have all been too small and thick and actually looked like my boobs were wearing little hats under my tops (it wasn't cute). These L/XL 'princess pasties' have exceeded my hopes. No visible nip, and definitely no boob hat situation. They are pricier than the ones I've ordered previously, but they still cost less than the amount of money I wasted on poor-quality ones that don't work. They are reusable and haven't irritated my skin at all. The box they come in is pretty and reusable also, and I'm going to continue storing the pasties in it. The fact that they come in 4 shade options is a major plus too -- the usual 'light' shade is too dark for me and would be visible when I wore them under white, but these are actually invisible on me under clothing. I'm glad I found these!

Kiki L
Very nice quality. Much larger than I'm used to

Sorry, no pics on this review ha ha.So I got the L/XL, as I am a D cup. I am used to the small "petals" which they sell which just cover your nipples, and these are not that (at least if you get the large size, I can't say about the smaller size). The L/XL size are probably twice the diameter of the normal "petals" that you can get anywhere on Amazon. If you're looking for more coverage (but not full breast coverage), then these fit the bill. They are definitely a good quality, and come in a nice box to carry them. I found them stickier than the normal ones you get. Altogether, these are definitely a higher quality than the average "petals" you can get so if you are looking for a step up, these are it!

Great hold, middle-of-the-road color tone

I always apply these after a shower, and they have excellent adhesion. They do a great job smoothing and rounding out the shape of the chest. The box is convenient for travel. I thought the color of these pasties looked a little darker in person than it does in the listing. I am on the paler side, and this was fine for me… So I think it’s probably a good average that can suit many different skin tones.