Nipple Covers for the Modern-Day Princess

We heard you’re tired of compromising comfort for style, and we know all about your wishes for seamless coverage that won’t peel off in the middle of busting a move on the dance floor. Consider your wish granted with our nipple covers:

  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple covers in pink travel box

    Travel Box Included

    It can be cumbersome figuring out how to store nip covers so we made it simple! Enjoy easy storage for your pasties with our signature pink travel box.

  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple covers in color Cream


    We’re not into one-night stands, so we designed Princess Pasties to be worn, washed, and reused for up to 30 wears.

  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple cover showcasing strong adhesive

    Strong, Hypoallergenic Adhesive

    From sunrise to sunset, enjoy the freedom to move, dance, and slay without worrying about adhesive issues.

  • Photo of Princess Pasties nipple cover showcasing premium silicone

    Medical-Grade Silicone

    Sensitive areas need sensitive solutions; that’s why we use only the highest-quality silicone nipple covers to treat your skin like royalty.

Photo of model wearing Princess Pasties nipple covers

Confidence Looks Good on You

At Princess Pasties, we believe looking and feeling your best is a birthright. You deserve to feel like a princess every single day. It's not just about the outfit you wear – it's about the confidence that radiates from within, and we’re all about helping you tap into that with our nipple covers.

Walking the red carpet? We’ve got you covered.

Hitting the dance floor? No sweat here.

Trying to catch your carriage before it turns into a pumpkin? Nip slips, be gone.

Crown your curves the way they deserve!

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  • Photo of customer Ashley


    I LOVE these pasties! Super comfortable for all day wear, never have an issue with the stickiness. They work fabulous with all my outfits!

    - Ashley M. 
  • Photo of customer Mia


    Best. Nipple covers. Ever. No lie. I've tried 'em all and Princess Pasties are the BEST for any and every occasion.

    - Mia S. 
  • Photo of customer Marissa


    I wear a lot of tops and dresses that don't work with regular bras so I wear my Princess Pasties when I want to be bra and strap free. Love them!

    - Marissa H. 
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